Looking For New Members - Interested in Joining the Club?

Details about the Wichita Falls Sailing Club Membership.


You may be surprised to learn that there are sailors in Wichita Falls, but we're here and we're glad you found us. If you live in North Texas and share our love of sailing -or even think you may - then you've come to the right place. We welcome everyone from land-lubbing beginners to crusty old salts. You don't even need to own a sailboat or even know how to sail.


Types of membership:Regular – individual or husband, wife and children up to 21 years of age.

Non-resident – Non-resident members reside 60 or more miles from Wichita Falls.
Transient – limited to military personnel, students or non-residents in the area of a temporary status. This membership is limited to duration of not less than ninety days and not more than a year.
Junior – limited to those younger than 18 years old.

Membership Dues:Initiation fee (one time): $100
Transient member initiation fee: $50

Regular: $360 yearly ($90 quarter or $30 month)
Transient: $30 monthly
Junior: $60 annually
Non-resident: $180 annually.

With boat storage, full membership dues
Slip rental: $90 quarterly (or $30 month)

Membership Form Please download and fill out the membership form. Follow the directions, listed on the form. Download the Membership Form. The form is a PDF and if you require a PDF reader, please visit the adobe link below.

2018 Club Officers

Commodore -Larry Ahlhorn
Vice-Commodore - Paul Spilman
Rear-Commodore - Steve Colley
Past-Commodore - Lee Havins
Treasurer - Matt Baker
House Chairman - Jack Russell
Grounds Chairman - Steve Priester
Harbor Master - Mike Gillis
Fleet Chairman - Debra Halter
FS Fleet Chairman - Steve Priester
Big Boats Chairman - Bink Davidson
Big Boats Chairman - Dave Brunner
Webmaster - Dave Meany
Secretary -Dave Meany