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The Wichita Falls Sailing Club offers members an opportunity to list items for sale.  Please contact the phone number below for more information.

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17’ Benford Gaff Sloop


Built between 1979 and 1988, launched in 1988. 17’on deck, 15.5’ LWL, 7’ beam, 2.5 draft,

3000 lbs. disp., 900 lbs. cast lead keel.

Philippine mahogany strip plank over Douglas fir frames and oak keel

Marine plywood decks and interior

All spars are solid Sitka Spruce, finished bright

  • Sails are Dacron (tanbark color)
  • Deck and hull covered with Dynel cloth in West epoxy
  • Entire vessel West coated inside and out
  • All fasteners silicon bonze
  • All standing rigging and hardware is stainless steel or silicon bronze
  • Blocks are teak shells with stainless hardware and bronze sheaves
  • Cockpit is self-draining, bronze seacocks on drain lines
    12’ sweep auxiliary power

  • Custom dual-axle trailer
  • Original blueprints and notes

I have sanded most of the old  bottom paint off and have replaced two tires on the trailer. The reason for finding a new home for her is because we are moving and I do not have a place to work on her at the new location. Neither the boat or trailer has eve been titled or registered.

Asking $700.

Jim Loudermilk


1994 Flying Scot

Flying Scot for sale , #4800, 1994 … very upgrade & fast. Rigging, sails, & hull, all with constant care. It has aluminum trailer or steel trailer.

Negotiable $4800.00 to WFSC club member but more $ on open market (check out the market). Must stay in club for at least 2 years if WFSC member purchases.


Call Steve Priester 940-781-7016


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